Here at GadgetFix, we can repair any smartphone on the market! From water damaged phones to faulty charge ports, the experts at GadgetFix will repair your phone so it is just as new! We have researched and tested multiple parts from different vendors to ensure that the repairs done here will be used with only quality parts.


Our staff is constantly looking at different vendors and sources for our products so we can get the best prices as well as keeping the quality of the replacement parts within our high standards.


No device will leave our business unless we are 100% satisfied with the repair. We spare no cost in the tools and equipment we use to repair the devices we get in. By keeping an eye on the industry leaders, we keep ahead of the game with the new technology that comes out to insure that your phone’s repairs meets your expectations. Mobile devices are essential parts of our lives now and we will strive that you will have no hiccups due to faulty devices!


With years of customer service experience under our belts, we know that it can make and break a business. We will strive to exceed expectations once you enter in the door. You can either drop off your phone and have it fixed while you run your errands or relax on our sofa and watch some Netflix! No one likes having to get their phone fixed but we will try to make the incident as good as possible. Your satisfaction is our goal!